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Lost & Found #16: Racing The Sun, Miramar, New Zealand 2006

Another one from the Lost & Found files taken with the original Ricoh GR-D (which was a great little camera, but a bit slow on RAW files), this is from up in Maupuia on the Miramar Peninsula in Wellington, New Zealand.  These two sailboats are just chasing the last light of the day back to Evans Bay Marina before what looks like a fairly serious storm closes in on them...hope they made it!

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Lost & Found #15: Oriental Bay Bench, Wellington New Zealand 2005

Film!  This one's on REAL FILM, look everyone!  From the truly Lost & Found department, this is one foggy morning on Wellington's waterfront, back when I was playing about with rangefinder cameras for the first time.  I found myself a Voigtlander Bessa and a 28mm lens (if I remember correctly) and got back into film for a brief window before digital cameras hooked me again.

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Lost & Found #13: Toetoe in Breaker Bay New Zealand, 2006

Another for the Lost & Found files: these grasses are one of those things that New Zealanders recognise immediately - though I'm sure someone told me recently they're actually not a domestic plant, they're South American pampas grass!  I'm not sure about that - I think there are a few species which are similar, some of which are local to NZ - I just can't be sure which one happens to be in this photo.

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Lost & Found #12: Seatoun Church New Zealand, 2006

Another Lost & Found image for the collection, and also from a morning walk in Seatoun - this time the tower of the Anglican Church of St George at the corner of Tio Tio Road and Ferry St in Seatoun, where I used to turn to head up the hill on my way back from the beach. New Zealand's morning autumn light is quite beautiful, if you get up early...!

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Lost & Found #11: Lensbaby at Seatoun Wharf, Wellington New Zealand 2005

I was just saying in the last Lost & Found that I probably had more photos of the Ferns sculpture in Civic Square than anything else, but then I remembered this: Seatoun Wharf. I would walk down there every morning for many years in Wellington, just as a good way to start the day, but of course the light was nice, and I usually had a camera with me - probably one I was trying out, too.

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Lost & Found #10: Neil Dawson's 'Ferns' sculpture, Wellington New Zealand 2004

Another sculpture is this week's Lost & Found, from my old home town of Wellington New Zealand.  I've always been fond of Neil Dawson's Ferns sculpture, which hangs above the city's Civic Square in the centre of town - I was at the unveiling of it at the dawn ceremony to launch the 1998 New Zealand International Arts Festival, which was my first festival in that country not long after I'd arrived there.

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Lost & Found #8: Diwali Festival of Lights, Wellington New Zealand 2003

Happy Diwali, everyone! This image wasn't entirely lost in my archives, in fairness - much to my surprise, it appeared on the cover of a book some years after I'd taken it, which took a little sorting out with the publisher.  But unless you own a copy of that publication (or got it from the library), you probably haven't seen this!

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Lost & Found #7: Mt Victoria Forest, Wellington New Zealand 2005

More gear testing!  A little different this time, today's Lost & Found was actually taken with my first Fuji camera - the pocketable little F11, that came out in 2005.  This forest is near where some of Lord Of The Rings was filmed, on Mt Victoria - fans of the film will no doubt recognise the landscape where the Hobbits had their first encounter with a Black Rider...

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