Lost & Found #9: Phil Price 'Nucleus' sculpture, Christchurch New Zealand 2006

Christchurch, New Zealand 2006
Christchurch, New Zealand 2006

This week's Lost & Found is a kinetic sculpture by New Zealander Phil Price, whose work I've enjoyed a great deal; this is Nucleus, which was put up in Christchurch in 2006, shortly before I visited and took this.

Again, I was experimenting with a camera on this trip - in this case the tiny Ricoh GR-D, which I liked a lot as I recall.  Pocketable, but with great image quality, it's only drawback (which may not be a drawback) was a fixed 28mm-equivalent lens; but sometimes those limitations push you to try different things with a camera, so I was happy with it as a constant companion for a while.  (Eventually, I wanted more lens options, of course; so I moved on to something bigger.)

At the time, I posted another image of it in my archive of images; but I found this one today, which I like in its own way.  I think the gull flying through the open jaws of the sculpture is a nice moment!

I've been trying to see what happened to this piece after the Christchurch earthquakes; I'm really not sure if it's still there, or in storage, or what; and unfortunately, another of my favourite works of his in Wellington, Zephyrometer, was hit by lightning recently too!