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Lost & Found #16: Racing The Sun, Miramar, New Zealand 2006

Another one from the Lost & Found files taken with the original Ricoh GR-D (which was a great little camera, but a bit slow on RAW files), this is from up in Maupuia on the Miramar Peninsula in Wellington, New Zealand.  These two sailboats are just chasing the last light of the day back to Evans Bay Marina before what looks like a fairly serious storm closes in on them...hope they made it!

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Lost & Found #5: Oriental Rongotai player in Miramar New Zealand, 2006

Today's Lost & Found is another Canon 85L f/1.2 test with the 1Ds Mark II - I happened to walk through Miramar one afternoon when there was a rugby game on, and got to the corner of the field - just as they finished. I'm not sure now if they won or lost, but he looks happy enough with the result!

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