In Remembrance Of Sites Past (2002 - Today)

If you've been here before, you've probably noticed a difference.  Today is the launch of Mark III of my online existence, and I just thought I'd have a quick look back at the ones that came before - above is my original site & logo design from 2002, by the wonderful Springload in Wellington, New Zealand.  

Of course, I loved it so much I kept it for a very long time - and every time I thought about changing it, someone would tell me how much they liked it and I'd have to keep it just a little longer!  (In the end, it lasted nearly ten years - which is like 150 in web years, if there is such a thing.)

And this is version two, a Graph Paper Press template for Wordpress, which worked well in its own way; but ultimately I just felt like I was constantly trying to keep on top of Wordpress updates and plugin updates, none of which quite looked or worked like they did when they started.  The logo update (which I've kept, because I LOVE it) is by the marvellous Wellington designer Sarah Maxey, who does great things with pen & ink.

So today, here we are - on Squarespace.  I've been really impressed with them, both in terms of the slickness of the site, but also in their support - they've always been incredibly quick to respond when I've needed to know something, and have tried their hardest to fix anything I found that was broken (which wasn't much!).

So, I hope you enjoy it - and welcome!