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Today in New Zealand International Arts Festival history: Tuwhare (2006) & T.E.O.R.E.M.A.T. (2010)

Today's images are brought to you by the letter T: first, Tuwhare, the concert tribute to the great New Zealand poet Hone Tuwhare.  Following on from Baxter in the 2000 Festival, songwriters were invited to create a new work using one of Tuwhare's poems, and an album and concert were created from those.

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Today in New Zealand International Arts Festival history: Cookin' (2004), Once Upon A Deadline (2008), Don McGlashan (2010) & The Maori Troilus and Cressida (2012)

Four shows today - first is Cookin' (Nanta), which apparently is the most popular show in Korea and toured to Broadway just before it came to New Zealand!  I remember enjoying it, but also that I had no idea the cook in the fourth photo was going to throw that onion in the air and chop it - much less that it was stuffed with glitter...!

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Today in New Zealand International Arts Festival history: Mahinarangi Tocker (2004) & Ship Songs (2010)

Continuing from yesterday's rehearsal photos, here are a few images of Mahinarangi Tocker's 2004 concerts in the Festival Club / Pacific Crystal Palace tent - I went back the following day to photograph the school's performance in the afternoon, then again in the evening to enjoy the show myself.  These are a mix of both shows - two from the afternoon, three from the evening - and the second one was cropped, clearcut and used as the cover of her album the following year, The Mongrel In Me.

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Don McGlashan & Dave Dobbyn at the Basement, Sydney

Another 'catching up on photos I should have posted' post - here's one from late last year, when Kiwi singer / songwriters Don McGlashan (from The Mutton Birds, Blam Blam Blam, From Scratch and The Front Lawn) and Dave Dobbyn (Th'Dudes & DD Smash) joined forces for a tour to the UK via Dubai - and a couple of dates in Australia en route.

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