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Today in New Zealand International Arts Festival history: The Overcoat (2004), Body Movies (2008) & The Arrival (2010)

Another three-show day, today; this time, starting in 2004 with a production from my old home town of Toronto!  One of the few times English-Canadian theatre has visited New Zealand - in fact, I'm hard pressed to think of another - this was The Overcoat, an entirely wordless work that totally won audiences over, and possibly paved the way for The Sound Of Silence in 2010 now that I think about it.  (Having proved a silent show could work, I mean!)

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Today in New Zealand International Arts Festival history: Cookin' (2004), Once Upon A Deadline (2008), Don McGlashan (2010) & The Maori Troilus and Cressida (2012)

Four shows today - first is Cookin' (Nanta), which apparently is the most popular show in Korea and toured to Broadway just before it came to New Zealand!  I remember enjoying it, but also that I had no idea the cook in the fourth photo was going to throw that onion in the air and chop it - much less that it was stuffed with glitter...!

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