Bob Brozman at WOMAD Taranaki, 2003

Bob Brozman at WOMAD Taranaki, 2003 Sorry to hear about another WOMAD artist's passing today, the American guitarist and ethnomusicologist Bob Brozman, at just 59 - he was at the first WOMAD Taranaki I attended in 2003, and had a pretty amazing enthusiasm and energy for what the event was really about.  I believe (from memory of a decade ago!) he also coordinated the giant jam at the end of the event with artists from just about every band involved.  Here's one of him with the late, great Mahinarangi Tocker in that finale - I also miss her very greatly, five years after her passing.

Bob Brozman and Mahinarangi Tocker at WOMAD Taranaki, 2003