Lost & Found #1: Taranaki Surf, 2003

Taranaki Surf, 2003
Taranaki Surf, 2003

I uncovered this image while looking for one of Bob Brozman on Friday afternoon - over the years, I've taken thousands of images (okay, maybe millions), many of which for whatever reason I've never actually finished processing, much less published anywhere.  So really, they barely exist at all, except as a clump of electrons on a hard drive or two.

I can't say I remember every one of them, so sometimes when I'm digging through my own files I'll come across something like this one, that really doesn't deserve such a fate.  I must have taken it on my way to WOMAD Taranaki that year, possibly after driving up from Wellington and checking into a motel near the coast.

I wonder what this young surfer is up to now, ten years on - maybe he's finishing university, or on an OE somewhere in the world!  Who knows, he might have worked on WOMAD - or been in a band who performed there - in the years since then. (If it's you, say hello...)

When I stumble across any others, I'll label them Lost & Found like I did this one - might become a bit of a series!