Had a great night out yesterday at the opening of Miramar’s new cinema, The Roxy - taken of course with my little Fuji X100 camera that goes everywhere with me now! This is probably my favourite; we were a little late getting there, but not as late as the guys from The Hobbit who came in right behind us, including some guy dressed as The Rocketeer. (Knowing PJ, it’s probably the original costume from the film…)

Re: the X100, on the night I found it had trouble focussing in the dark interior, more so than I’d expected; though I realised this morning that I’d turned off the AF assist light the day I got the camera and it never occurred to me to turn it back on!  D’oh. 

I also managed to flick the switch over to Manual Focus at some stage in the evening, but only for a short time it turned out.  Still - that’s one of the many good reasons not to test new equipment on anything important!  (I did enjoy travelling light on the night, though.)

Here’s a slideshow of the development of the building so far - the new images are at the end, but you should be able to use the thumbnails to jump right to them if you like!

Capitol Court / Roxy Cinema, Miramar 10-11 - Images by Robert Catto