The new Kage Collective monthly publication is out - with our exclusive X-Pro 2 reviews...!

Christmas, Wollstonecraft NSW.

Christmas, Wollstonecraft NSW.

I mentioned in my last post that there was something new coming from the Kage Collective I'm a member of - and today's the day!

But it's especially exciting this month, because not only do we have a range of stories & images from my friends in the group, but no less than five of us have been testing Fuji's hot new flagship camera, the X-Pro 2, which is being unveiled in Tokyo as I post this.

What are all the things you liked about the X-Pro 1? Have they improved, well, everything? What are you doing still reading this? Get over there and find out!

(And of course, our first group e-book - Under A Vagrant Sun - is still available - and still free.)