Eleanor Catton and the shortest Man Booker Prize list of all - she WON!

Canadian / New Zealand writer Eleanor Catton

Well, I'm sure most people have heard it by now, of course - but my friend Eleanor Catton (of New Zealand by way of Canada, much like myself) won the Man Booker Prize last week, and has been on a whirlwind tour ever since, the youngest winner and the longest book ever to win.  Not bad! So naturally that set off another flurry of my images appearing around the world - from the New York Times Review of Books to the BBC, and of course plenty of sites in New Zealand and Australia as well.  Here's a short collection, at least of the ones I've found - I'm sure there are plenty more!

Eleanor Catton at the BBC website

Eleanor Catton at the Ministry for Culture & Heritage

Eleanor Catton in the Calgary Herald

Eleanor Catton at Radio New Zealand

Eleanor Catton in the Melbourne Age

Eleanor Catton in the Sydney Morning Herald

Eleanor Catton in the New Zealand Herald

Eleanor Catton in Lit On Tour (Ontario)

Eleanor Catton on a New Zealand arts site

Eleanor Catton in the New York Times Review of Books

She's currently also up for the Governor General's Literary Awards in Canada, so she'll be appearing in my home town of Toronto shortly.  She's lovely, and funny, and very interesting as you'd probably expect.  Go!  Have fun!  Say hi from me!  Buy a book!  (Yes, a photo's in there, too...)