Canon 1-Series Professional Cameras For Sale - 1DMkIV & 1DMkIII

Canon 1D Mk IV Just in case anyone happens to be looking for a pro camera body at the moment, I'm on the verge of listing my (used) 1-Series Canon bodies on Gumtree and / or eBay shortly, so I thought I'd offer them here first.

These are the ones I've used professionally for the past few years, so probably 80% or more of the images on my site were taken with them - obviously, they're extremely capable cameras!  Great for sports, action, theatre, dance, anything - I've always considered them the best all-rounder cameras out there - there's hardly anything they aren't suited for, or capable of.

And I'm the kind of person who looks after their equipment as much as possible - heck, I've held on to the packaging even when I moved countries last year, and not just for the cameras but for the spare battery and high-precision focussing screens as well!  So while the MkIII has been in use since I got it in 2007, and the MkIV since 2010, they've been babied as much as I could.

They've both got the super-precision Ec-S focus screens in them currently, but the original ones are with them; and the MkIV comes with the spare battery (which cost over $200 on its own!), and the original hand strap that Canon put out with the 1-Series in the very beginning.

Anyway - if anyone's interested in either or both, get in touch!  (Pickup in Sydney preferred, of course...)

Canon 1D Mk III