Angels! Get your Angels, here!

SX Magazine Cover Angels In America - 27 May 2013 Another day, another cover of a magazine - well, not quite, but I wasn't really expecting to see this one on top of the previous photos from this shoot for Belvoir!

I did take this one with the SX cover in mind (which was one of the reasons for the shoot) - though at the time, I'd never seen the magazine, I just knew space was needed at the top right corner for the logo.  Glad it worked out as planned!

And once again, thanks to Mitchell Butel, Luke Mullins and Marcus Graham for being so lovely in the shoot - Marcus just came over and gave the guys a hug as we were starting, and it turned out to be the one we were after...

Angels in America at Belvoir Theatre

They've also used another variation on the image from the Belvoir newsletter & the one The Australian ran, with their article in this week's issue.  Cheers, SX!

Angels in SX Magazine

(And I saw Part 1 of the show last night - it's a really top-class production of a fantastic, funny script.  Can't wait for Part 2 on Sunday, now!)