Resch's Waverley Brewery, Redfern (with Hipstamatic Tintype pack for iPhone 4S)

Resch's Waverley Brewery, Redfern One of the things I'm loving about the Surry Hills area of Sydney is the history of the buildings, so many of which have their date of construction proudly displayed over the front doors.  1901 seems to have been a bumper year for building around here, I've noticed it on a lot of shops and houses around here - and now a brewery, too.

Of course, part of what catches my imagination is knowing that these buildings are part of what the area looked like when Rupert Julian - the Kiwi director I've been researching for a decade now - was here as a young touring actor between 1903 and 1912; of course, the streets (and the streetlights) have changed substantially over that time, but it's great to be reminded what hasn't.

Other cities I've lived in (Toronto, and more recently, Wellington) don't have so much of their past still so readily apparent, after a century's worth of renovation, development, and natural disasters...