Brighter, Part 1: my first photo essay with the Kage Collective is now live!

Glowing Facade, Surry Hills After a long gestation, my first essay is live on the Kage Collective site today - though it might be more accurate to call it the first chapter, as this is something I'm going to keep exploring for a wee while yet.

When I first came to Australia - as a backpacker, in 1997 - one of the things that had made me want to visit was a phrase from a friend in high school in Canada, who had grown up near Brisbane.  He said, 'the colours are brighter there' - and I was curious enough to want to see that for myself.

And now, after fifteen years in New Zealand (which I loved, but the national colour IS black), I find myself back here and seeing it again.  It's not just the sun, or the natural colours that have evolved here - it's the urban environment too, and the people within it.

So, this is a first part of what may go on for a while - Part 2 will (I think) look more at the people here.  Part 3...well, we'll see!