New Zealand International Arts Festival countdown to launch - 2004, The Overcoat

The Overcoat at the New Zealand International Arts Festival 2004

The Overcoat I've decided this week, in the lead up to this year's NZ International Arts Festival, to show one image from each of the previous years I've photographed. So - here we are, starting in my first year as official Festival photographer, 2004, with a show from my home town of Toronto: The Overcoat, by Morris Panych.   I'd seen a few of his shows before - the hilarious Vigil and 7 Stories, at very least - but this one, he'd written an entire show without words.  Worked well, I thought!

It was nice to have an old friend from university in the cast, too - way too few people come to visit, this far from from home!

And as a note for the photographers - yes, I am taking the opportunity to re-process the original raw files - from a Canon 10D in this case - using the most recent version of Photoshop, and all the noise reduction / colour tweaking / contrast adjustment techniques I've learned in the last eight years.  So glad I didn't just shoot .jpg, back then!