[Note: it hurts, because it’s so very, very true…]

Photography is an expensive hobby, everybody knows that. Why is that, when, with the advent of digital, a good film SLR and zoom or good standard lens can be had for very little money nowadays? Even DSLR prices have come down significantly. With digital, you don’t even have film and processing costs. Why then?

The problem lies when the hobby turns into an obsession with gear. I have seen it happen over and over again. It is not a new phenomenon either. I remember, years ago, when I would read incessantly about which were “the best” lenses for XXX camera brand, there was always an oldtimer who proferred the admonition to “shoot with what you have” and that the search for the “best” lens was an expensive, futile quest, often leading back to where you started. Of course, I did not listen. I don’t think anyone does. This circuitous quest is, I think, something most have to go through themselves…

The Quest