Tami Neilson with the Topp Twins, Carterton NZ

Spent part of the weekend over in the Wairarapa for a change, and took in our friend Tami Neilson's gig with the Topp Twins at Gladstone Vineyard on Friday night. 

She’s another Torontonian (or ‘Ngati Toronto’ as the late, great Mahinarangi Tocker dubbed me) living over here in New Zealand now, with a voice like nobody’s business and a slew of country music awards to her credit.  Her new album’s just out in the last couple of weeks, and worth a listen - but obviously the previous two were pretty darn good, too.  You can get a free song right away, just by signing up to her email list

We first heard her about a year ago at a gig in Petone thanks to our friend Ian Hull-Brown’s suggestion, and have been following her ever since - including turning up at a gig in southern Ontario last summer when we were over on holiday there!  Glad the timing worked out for that one - we were driving down from Georgian Bay that day, so it was easy to stop in. 

Naturally, she’s got a tour of her own coming up, with the equally great Lauren Thomson - so check the dates to see when she’s going to be nearby; they’re going everywhere from Dunedin to Waiheke Island!