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Lost & Found #40: Nico Hulkenberg at the A1 Grand Prix, Taupo 2007

This week's Lost & Found is jumping back to a weekend in Taupo in 2007 - I was there to cover the launch of a (yet-to-be-completed) film about the life of Bruce McLaren, the great Kiwi grand prix driver, and founder of the McLaren Formula One team. 

But, it turned out that my accreditation was for the whole weekend of A1 Grand Prix action, so I stayed - and this weekend, the winner of that race won the 24h of Le Mans, along with a Kiwi driver (and another Kiwi came second), so I thought it was worth taking a look at those images again to see what I found...

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Lost & Found #26: Pit Stop Practice for the McLaren team, Melbourne 2003

Today's Lost & Found is celebrating the start of this year's Formula One season, which begins this weekend at the Albert Park in Melbourne. I've been to a few races there over the years - and a couple in Montreal, too - but in 2003 I managed to find myself in the pit lane on the Wednesday afternoon before the event officially started, sandwiched between the Williams and McLaren pits just as the team decided to get a few trial pit stops under their belts...

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