”AF System: Simply turn the lens’ focus ring until two superimposed finder images are merged as one, and your lens is now perfectly focused.


Image Stabilization: The Leica man knows how to hold his camera. He is never flustered, no matter what may be going on around him. The LEICA’s image stabilization comes from the quiet, unflappable confidence inherent in every Leica photographer.

LCD and Playback: When you shoot the LEICA, you know your photos are perfect. The Leica man never wastes his shooting time looking back at what he just shot; his eyes are always looking for his next great photo. The Leica man is part of the action, not a huddled drone off in the corner.

The Leica man doesn’t care to view his images on-camera. He more often sees his images on the walls of the Guggenheim, MoMA or the Whitney. While out and about, the Leica photographer sees his own work on the front covers of magazines, billboards and on album covers. Why would he bother looking at a little LCD?

Analysis: The LEICA is a tool used by the world’s greatest photographers. It is not a video game that shoots movies, records sound or makes phone calls.

Photography is not a video game. The MENU button calls up but one single menu, not a menu of even more menus that no one can understand. The Leica man commands his camera to do his bidding; he does not play “twenty questions” with his camera…”

From Ken Rockwell’s (only mildly sexist…but quite funny) review of the new Leica M9