Right - first video tests of the 8mm app for my new iPhone 4, from last night’s concert at the Soundshell in Wellington.  Raashi Malik and her band playing as part of Summer City, as the sun sets behind us and the lights start to come up in the gardens.  Might do more of these as the Festival continues.

Notes to self from other recordings on the night: keep rolling after you want to finish a shot, to leave room to edit later - sorry about the abrupt ending on this one!  Also, finish a take before your arms get tired.  Don’t cover the mic with your fingers while holding the phone. 

On the plus side, there wasn’t a lot of handling noise picked up from the body of the phone, and it coped with the sound from the PA pretty well - when I didn’t cover the mic, obviously!  There’s a fair bit of sound from people around us, of course, but that’s all part of the sitting-on-the-lawn experience…