Just a quick sampling of images from a recent trip to Cairns/Port Douglas, courtesy of Air New Zealand’s Airpoints Fairy - I inadvertently won a trip!  Didn’t mean to, honest - so we just HAD to spend six days in the tropics, while hail rained down on Wellington (I’m told).  Sorry about that, everyone.

Anyway, as some people have noticed I’ve wound up doing a lot with the camera in my phone, much to my own surprise I should note.  I never thought I’d take an interest in a camera that wasn’t really print quality, but the random enjoyment from apps like Hipstamatic and (in this case) Plastic Bullet coupled with quick reactions from people on Facebook and Twitter has meant I’m not as bound to print-resolution images as I once imagined I might be.  Still, it’d be nice to be able to do both…yes, I know, that just means an iPhone 4 - blah blah blah contracts, blah blah blah Vodafone, I’ll get there soon.  In the mean time, here’s some photos!