GUP Magazine feature photographer's work – but don’t let him know

Not my own work, in this case; but it’s become an interesting (somewhat emotional) debate in the comments, with the publisher weighing in on why they didn’t contact the photographer.  The upshot is that what could be considered reasonable in the blogging sphere - ie. posting an image from his site - changes in most people’s minds, the moment it’s committed to print.

Have to say there’s no simple answer here - to me, permission should be sought before anything gets put into use - but I’m just intrigued that folks who would be thoroughly pleased to be blogged about with one of their images, seem less pleased to be written about in ink.

Blogs are big business now, in the same way magazines were; so creating content for either one to increase readership and drive advertising sales or subscription revenue shouldn’t really come at the expense of people who originate the content - unless they’re happy to participate…

[PDNPulse ran the first feature I saw on this, but I think the original blog is potentially the more interesting debate.]