Gung-Ho: Virtuoso Works for Trombone by David Bremner

I can’t really take credit for my friend David Bremner’s album, Gung-Ho, winning the Best Classical Album at tonight’s Vodafone Music Awards…but, this is what William Dart said in his review for the NZ Herald: “Gung-Ho is one classy production. Robert Catto’s cover image of a feather caught in time and space is as arresting as they come and David Bremner’s playlist shows just why he is one of our premier trombonists.”

Classy. Not sure where he got the bit about the feather, it’s a photo of Dave’s trombone (surprisingly enough) - but the rest sounds fine! And I do think good photography helps create a mood in the listener before they put the album on - so hopefully it helped with the judges. Well done, Dave!