Had a bit of a hike over to Butterfly Creek this afternoon, lovely part of Wellington (or Lower Hutt/Eastbourne, technically).  It’s on the other side of the harbour from where we live, so it’s a part of town we get to rarely as a result - but it’s lovely when you do go!

Sadly I didn’t get a photo of the most interesting part of the walk - just as we crossed over the ridge and started down towards the creek, we met a woman coming the other way, taking her dog for a walk.  Seemed nice enough, gave a friendly hello and all that, well dressed (nice shoes, clean t-shirt, that sort of thing), the kind of person you’d expect would be a lawyer, or consultant at a large firm in the city. 

Only thing was, she wasn’t just walking the dog, she was also carrying the body of a large, dead, pig, with his front trotters on her shoulders and his head sticking up behind hers; at least, I’m pretty sure it was dead, because there was blood running down her arms, and it didn’t seem to be her own.

Strangest thing was, she had no apparent means of killing a pig - no rifle, or even a knife on her belt…so, she must have done it with her bare hands?! 

Ah, Wellington.  Always a surprise to be found.  At least now I know where the term ‘piggy-back’ comes from…