Photographing the arts: talking production photography on the Closing Night Theatre Therapy podcast

I had a chat recently with hosts Nate Edmondson and Suzy Wrong at the Closing Night: Theatre Therapy podcast, along with photographer Clare Hawley, about what’s involved in theatre photography - the business, as well as the art - and that episode has just been released over the weekend.

We talk about a lot of different elements of what we do, so I though I’d put together a few links here to some of my blog posts that overlap with the discussion, in case anyone wants to read more about a certain subject - or if I make more sense in writing than I do on the radio!

Myself and Clare Hawley, photo by Suzy Wrong

Myself and Clare Hawley, photo by Suzy Wrong

These are few of the topics we covered, that I’ve written about previously here:

I’ve probably missed a few topics from our discussion - but that’s also a lot of reading right there, for anyone who’s interested! Feel free to drop me a line or comment below if there’s more you’d like to know, about anything we discussed; it might just turn out to be the start of my next essay…!

Thanks again to Nate & Suzy for having us on the show, as you can tell from the recording it was a fun morning and an interesting discussion to have - and naturally there are more episodes available, and new ones come up regularly; so subscribe wherever you prefer to get your podcasts from…!