Chronicle90 project at the Kage Collective

Over the past few weeks, we've embarked on a new project over at the Kage Collective - we've called it Chronicle90, and we're posting a new essay every day for three months straight.

As there are currently seven* of us in the collective, it's broken down relatively easily into a different person each day of the week (though we did swap days after the first month).

In the course of those first seven weeks, I've been over to Canada and back again; so my essays so far have been in and around those travels, visiting family and friends where I grew up before moving to New Zealand and Australia.

Here are my blog posts so far, with one of my favourite images from each of them. Enjoy!

[* Actually, that's not true! We have a new Kage member, Dominique Shaw! Find out more about her here - she'll become an active contributor to the site once we finish this project, towards the end of October.]