Carols by Cabaret at the Hayes Theatre, Sydney

The annual Carols by Cabaret event was earlier this week, once again raising funds for the Wayside Chapel’s annual appeal - donating a plate, to feed homeless residents on Christmas day.

This was my third time at the event, volunteering my time once again, to help in a small way - and as always it was a great deal of fun, featuring some of Sydney’s best performers from shows at the Hayes this year.

With some great work behind the scenes to put together a show on the set of the current production, producer Lauren Peters and the performers - all of whom volunteered to be there as well - managed to raise just over $10,000 on the night, thanks to the generosity of the audience. (Considering the theatre only seats about 100 people, that’s pretty amazing!)

If you weren't able to be there, it’s not too late to donate a plate…! Here’s a few of my favourite images from the night to inspire you.