First XV: The Arrival at the New Zealand International Arts Festival (2010)

[#9 in a series of my favourite images, from my first 15 years as a professional photographer.]

It's always tough to choose a single image from a New Zealand International Arts Festival - after all, I photographed for 24 days straight, usually working 17h days; so there are a few to choose from!

And 2010 was a particularly good year, between visiting companies and New Zealand works; but somehow I come back to Red Leap Theatre's production of The Arrival often, when I'm thinking about that festival. It caught me by surprise, I think - in the same way Giselle did two years earlier, I came into rehearsal not knowing much about the show, and came out a fan of the company.

Alison Bruce and Ella Becroft in Red Leap Theatre's production of The Arrival, at New Zealand International Arts Festival, 2010 (click the image to embiggen)

This is still a favourite image from that show (though there are many to choose from), and that year; there's something about the sense of depth you get from the snow falling close to & far from the camera that's rare in a production still - perhaps because I was close to the stage, possibly resting my camera on the lip of it, so the floor is level with the lens, there's a greater sense of scale. I like the delicacy of the light here, as well; there's a softness to it somehow, that you don't always see in stage lighting.

Next week, another year - 2011!