First XV: Marc Taddei conducts the Vector Wellington Orchestra (2007)

[#6 in a series of my favourite images, from my first 15 years as a professional photographer.]

It's strange to have a photo where I'm actually IN it, along with the subjects - that's not usually what I'm aiming for! But this time, I didn't mind - I was just part of the audience in the concert, and I'd preset the camera on stage at interval, with a wireless trigger and my sound blimp on a tripod.

Marc Taddei conducts the Vector Wellington Orchestra (click the image to embiggen)

I'd been reading around this time about remote camera setups, which were mostly the domain of sports photographers (behind the backboard at an NBA game, or in the goal at a soccer match) - and it occurred to me that I could combine that with the sound-deadening blimp to try something a bit different during a concert, planting the camera amongst the orchestra and triggering it from my seat.

It was about 50% successful, if I'm honest - but that's why it was an experiment, of course! In the first half of the concert, I'd rushed the setup on a different part of the stage and focussed too close, so only the timpani was sharp; and at the end of the show, when the audience stood and applauded the orchestra, they blocked the signal between myself and the camera, so it didn't go off once!

But, in the middle, it worked - with the blimp, the french horns barely heard a thing, and because the wireless remote was so quick I was able to catch Marc at a moment when he was looking straight in the camera's direction, at peak arm extension to boot.

So, all in all, a worthwhile trial! And one I'd love to do again, some time. Just need the time, a willing orchestra, and room for a tripod...

Next week, another year - 2008.