Kage Collective June edition out now

It's the middle of the month, so once again the Kage Collective has put together a collection of essays from our various points on the globe, including a new essay from me, captured at Sydney's Vivid Festival of light recently.

This month we decided to limit ourselves as a group to a single lens - the equivalent of the old standard 50mm, so 35mm on our Fuji cameras - and only photograph at night, which turned out to be much easier here in winter than it was for some of my friends at the higher latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere summer. (I'm sure they'll get me back eventually, though!)

As is so often the case, there are a few images that didn't wind up making the final cut; so here's a bonus you won't see elsewhere!

 Photos by Robert Catto, taken on Thursday 2 June, 2016.

And in case anyone missed the May edition, you can find it - and all our previous essays - in the archives. Here's an image of mine from my essay in that issue, Renewtown: