Lost & Found #41: Opononi, Northland New Zealand, 2006

Opononi on a windy morning, 2006 [click to embiggen]

Today's Lost & Found is going back to single images for a change - though in fact this is a stitched panorama of several frames, so in a way it's more than one!  I was on a driving holiday in the Northland region in 2006, when we passed through Opononi (former home of Opo, the Friendly Dolphin!).

I've often said there are really no disappointing bits of New Zealand - not a bad tourism slogan, really - there are only some spots which are more spectacular than others. Glad we took the time to stop for a few minutes and watch the sand blowing into the Hokianga Harbour, which we'd just crossed on a ferry a bit further inland.

I might see if I can find a few more images from this trip for future blog posts - I'd forgotten how beautiful this part of the country was!

Oh, look, because I can't resist, here's one of a beautiful Tui from earlier in the trip - I was just saying the other day how much I miss their crazy songs, their iridescent feathers and their two voice boxes...!

Northland Tui, New Zealand, 2006

Northland Tui, New Zealand, 2006