Apocalypse Theatre presents The Dapto Chaser - and you can help!

SupportDaptoChaser © Robert Catto Not Print Quality.jpg

I posted a couple of weeks ago about a shoot I did with the guys you can see here - Noel Hodda, Jamie Oxenbould, Danny Adcock, & Richard Sydenham - for Apocalypse Theatre's upcoming show, The Dapto Chaser, coming up in July as part of Griffin Theatre's independent season. At that point the first image had just come out, but the social media campaign has (naturally) been continuing since then, so I thought I'd post a few more images that have been doing the rounds recently.

But wait, there's more - they've also launched a campaign to help raise funds for the production, so you can contribute if you see fit. It looks like a great production to me, just from meeting the cast during the shoot - and just in a few days, they've already got halfway to their target! Nice work - here's hoping the rest comes just as quickly.