Apocalypse Theatre presents The Dapto Chaser

The Dapto Chaser cast: Jamie Oxenbould, Noel Hodda, Danny Adcock, & Richard Sydenham {click to embiggen)

I'm really pleased to be working with Apocalypse Theatre again on their upcoming show The Dapto Chaser, by Mary Rachel Brown. I did a fair bit of work with them in February on their Asylum project, a series of staged readings of plays on the subject of asylum seekers and Australia (including one by the same author).

We did a studio shoot recently for this promo / social media campaign announcing the cast for the show, which opens in July at Griffin Theatre as part of their Independent series.

The cast - Jamie Oxenbould, Noel Hodda, Danny Adcock, & Richard Sydenham - were great to work with on the day, and there'll be more images from this series coming over the next few weeks, before we get into the rehearsal phase. Can't wait to see how it comes together!

Noel Hodda was kind enough to send through a couple of behind-the-scenes images from the shoot - thanks, Noel!