Nick Dunbar in The Trial Of The Cannibal Dog, 2008

Nick Dunbar in The Trial Of The Cannibal Dog, 2008

I was looking through a few images recently from past New Zealand International Arts Festivals, and came across this one from the 2008 opera, The Trial Of The Cannibal Dog, at the Opera House in Wellington.

I'm not sure I can explain the whole thing briefly, but it was an interesting work, and one I got to visit a couple of times - first in rehearsals to create some images for the programmes, and then again at the final dress rehearsal seen here.

As is so often the case, only a few images from any one production are ever seen widely - often I take between 1500 & 2000 photographs at a dress rehearsal, of which one in ten are worth processing and showing to the client; and out of those, probably a dozen are used for publicity and press.

So no matter how much I may like an image personally, if it doesn't happen to be showing a key moment of the production, or the performers who are mentioned in a review, it winds up here - in the Lost & Found files!

Here's a gallery of the other images from the show - enjoy!