Temper Trap & Tame Impala this week (with 645 Pro for iPhone 4S)

Temper Trap at the Enmore Theatre, Sydney (with 645 Pro for iPhone 4S) Two bands on two nights this week, both great gigs in classic Sydney venues.  I was just there to enjoy myself in both cases, so I wasn't carrying much more than my phone of course.  Great shows both - but very different music...

I think what I like about Tame Impala is just that no amount of focus-group testing or X-Factor judging could possibly explain their mad popularity.  These guys just do what they do - which is kinda late-sixties psychedelia - extremely well, and somehow it's caught on.  It's very hard to predict where it'll go from here, will they just get bigger and bigger?  Will we remember these concerts the way people talk about seeing The Who when they were young lads?  (Though musically, I think they're more like George Harrison, if he had been the lead singer of Genesis, in their early years.  Possibly.)

And the thing I like about The Temper Trap is, well, pretty much everything.  They just write great pop songs.  Even the track they introduced as 'a lost b-side' from their album was great.  Hard to beat that!

(As an aside, from a lighting perspective, I'm starting to think strobes are the new par cans.  Seriously.  Between Tegan & Sara last week, and Temper Trap this week, I think I've been flashed more than my entire life to that point.  Maybe just a little bit less would be, y'know, more?)

Tame Impala at the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (with 645 Pro for iPhone 4S and Alien Skin Exposure 4)