New Year's Day, Sydney Harbour (with Fuji X-Pro 1, 18mm XF lens and Alien Skin Exposure 4)

New Year's Day, Sydney Harbour One more image from Kirribilli over the holidays - this was the morning after the fireworks on the harbour, I decided to try out one of the features of the X-Pro 1 I use only rarely, which is the sweep panorama.

This stitches together a series of images in-camera, allowing you to take a much wider image than you could otherwise get with the fixed lens, but the problem is always with moving objects in the frame, like people, cars, water or boats.

It actually did a pretty impressive job in this case - though at pixel level you can probably see a few joins.  The other issue is not moving too quickly as you pan the camera - it has to be slow enough that each individual frame is still sharp, not affected by the movement of the camera during each exposure.  It's an interesting tool, but not one I've tried very often!