Biennale of Sydney, Cockatoo Island

Biennale of Sydney, Cockatoo Island: Fujiko Nakaya's Living Chasm Just been looking at images on my iPhone (with a mind towards clearing some memory to take more), and realised there are a huge number I haven't posted yet from various trips this year.  So, I'm gradually going to start doing that!

This one's from the Biennale of Sydney, which coincidentally ends this weekend - so if you're in Sydney, and have time to visit Cockatoo Island, I highly recommend it!  There are free ferries, but judging by how full they were at 10am on a weekday several months ago, I'd say the final Sunday may well be packed...

(And yes, I was a bit worried about how wet my iPhone and camera were getting, standing in the mist and looking out into the light.  But, it was worth it!)