Keep The Pavement Dry, Sydney (with 645 Pro & Snapseed for iPhone 4S)

Green Park, Surry Hills As someone who's spent my spare time over the past decade or so researching a Kiwi silent film director and touring theatre actor from the late Victorian era, I'm really enjoying seeing so many parts of Sydney that date back that far.  It's amazing how much of the city is virtually unchanged since then - buildings, storefronts, and in this case, water fountains.

It's an interesting contrast to other cities I've lived in, like Toronto or Wellington - which to my mind have evolved based in part on the disasters that befell them earlier in their history.  Toronto's Great Fire of 1904 meant that wooden buildings were outlawed, so the majority of construction since then was brick; where in New Zealand, the Napier Earthquake of 1931 caused brick construction to be effectively banned, and most new residential construction was done in wood.  Naturally, the cities feel quite different as a result!

Sydney doesn't seem to have had such a defining disaster - and somehow has hung on to entire neighbourhoods of older architecture, with terraced houses on many streets, and shop facades showing dates as far back as the late 1800s and early 1900s.

And I imagine the slogan on the fountain has more to do with the temperance movement, than sloppy drinking...?  (Or, maybe not!)