Knox Church, Christchurch

There are some really beautiful scenes even within the destruction in Christchurch after the series of earthquakes over the past year and a half.  Though of course, it's a bit deceiving to think of them as isolated incidents - the quakes are ongoing, as anyone who lives there knows.

The afternoon I was there, we had a 4.8 while I was standing in a petrol station; and after it stopped (and the shop fittings had stopped swaying) the staff emerged from an office out back and smiled at each other, saying 'that was a good one!'  Not sure I agreed entirely at the time; but then again, any earthquake you can walk away from is a good one, really.

They had a 5.2 a few days later, which is several orders of magnitude stronger - but again, there were no reports of damage or injury, so I guess that counts as a good one, too.