Me, as seen on the Dominion Post Who What Wear page, 25 Jan 12...

Dominion Post Who What Wear page Those of you here in Wellington may have spotted me in the Dominion Post's Who What Wear page a little while ago - but for everyone else, I've been given permission by the lovely writer, Carolyn Enting, to post a pdf version, enjoy!  (And thanks again, Carolyn!  And to Kent Blechynden for the great images...)

Nice to have it come out on my birthday, too - even though I was actually over in Sydney at the time, myself.

Notes from the article - the folks I mentioned are my friends Lee at Off The Cuff in Toronto (I'm also wearing a Boss jacket & Attachment jeans from him), and Trudi at Wardrobe Flair here in Wellington; and of course the shoes are are the ones I'm wearing in the main photo.  My shirt is by 3 Wise Men - and the camera in my hand is a Fujifilm X100!